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SohaStore – Software App and interesting news on the internet

App or software is the manifestation of the 4.0 economy. There are billions of software written by hundreds of thousands of programmers worldwide.


The APP software store for Android, IOS and Window Phone is growing stronger and more popular than ever.

Android phones have Android Market. An income-generating marketplace for Programmers to sell their products to users.

IPhone phones have IOS Store, Window phones have Store. So why is there no SohaStore?

SohaStore will be a place to share useful software and apps for everyone. To build a better world. No headline, sentence view. No sex, offensive or social evils. The current world has more than enough boring information.

SohaStore aims at more human values, serving society, serving users with knowledge information on the internet.


Information needs to be shared. What’s good needs to be promoted. SohaStore doesn’t hope to do anything great. Just a small website contributing articles that Soha finds it’s good, it’s beautiful, it’s useful to people. Bring people closer together.


Soha’s previous products such as Pega (newspaper reading software), I Chicken, etc. It no longer exists because it makes no difference. Its owner was forced to let go even though it took a lot of work to create it. Today with available tools of Android or IOS platforms. Just an individual can create such software by himself. Nguyen Ha Dong with the mad bird Flappy Bird is a vivid example

No one in Vietnam has ever made a breakthrough like Nguyen Ha Dong. SohaStore will be a place to write down what you like, Things that other people may not need. But what SohaStore believes is good, Soha will still write and still copy it for those who also enjoy reading.

Thank you for reading this introduction to SohaStore.

Vietnam Communications Joint Stock Company

Address: Floor 16, 17, 18 VTC Online Building, No. 18 Tam Trinh, Minh Khai Ward,  Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi City

Investment Certificate No: 011032001130 issued by Hanoi People’s Committee on March 23, 2011

Phone: 04 39743410 | Fax: 04 39743413

Hotline: 04 39743410 (ext: 126 or 595)

Email: sohastore@vccorp.vn

Newspapers talk about SOHASTORE

DAN TRI Newspaper: https://dantri.com.vn/suc-manh-so/doc-bao-dan-tri-sieu-nhanh-tren-smartphone-voi-pega-1348086178.htm

CHANNEL 14: https://kenh14.vn/doi-song/lo-clip-andrea-co-anh-hau-truong-ban-nude-20121204112118622.chn




LEGAL OF HCMC: https://plo.vn/ Kinh-te/ung-dung-doc-bao-pega-nhanh-chong-nam-trong-top-2-cua-bang-xep-hang-appstore-35717. html

AFAMILY: https://afamily.vn/cong-so-ro-mot-luot-web-sanh-dieu-bang-mobile-2012091407258853.chn

SOGA: https://soha.vn/cong-nghe/pega-ung-dung-doc-bao-sieu-doc-cho-nguoi-dung-smartphone-20120914113738996.htm

CAFEBIZ: https://cafebiz.vn/cong-nghe/cap-nhap-thong-tin-moi-luc-moi-noi-nhu-cau-thuc-su-cua-doanh-nhan-20120915054718310.chn

GENK: https://genk.vn/danh-gia-pega-ung-dung-doc-bao-sieu-doc-cho-nguoi-dung-smartphone-20120914122414283.chn

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