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Get your FREE Experian Credit Report & FICO® Score* – anytime, anywhere! Checking your own report doesn’t hurt your credit, and there’s no credit card required. And now, for the first time, you can raise your FICO Score instantly with Experian Boost™**. You’ll get the credit you deserve for the utility, cell phone and streaming service payments you’re already making.
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March 15, 2022
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Get your free Experian credit report and FICO® score anytime, anywhere*! Verifying your own report won’t hurt your credit score and doesn’t require a credit card. Now, for the first time, you can instantly boost your FICO score with Experian Boost™**. You’ve already earned the credit you deserve for paying for utilities, cell phones, and streaming services.

See what factors help and hurt your FICO® score, understand how your credit report affects your FICO score, and interact with your credit in a whole new way. Keep you informed with credit monitoring and alerts of important changes to your Experian credit report and FICO score.

Plus, use Experian CreditMatch™*** to find a better credit card and confidently apply for a match based on your FICO® score.

main feature:

• Track your FICO score and see which financial actions help or hurt.
• Better understand the types of information that lenders see – such as loan accounts, inquiries and public records.
• Automatically renews every 30 days after registration.

Experian Lift**
• Link your accounts to instantly improve your FICO® score.
• Look better with lenders and save money by getting better rates and offers.

Experian Credit Match***
• View credit card matches based on your FICO® score.
• Compare your best options and make a choice.

• Easily lock your Experian credit file and protect yourself from identity theft with the click of a button.
• Prevent unauthorized credit activity with real-time alerts if someone tries to apply for credit on your behalf while your credit file is suspended.

Credit Monitoring and Alerting
• You will be notified when your FICO® score changes, when a new account is opened in your name or when a new inquiry occurs
on your credit report.
• Push notifications, when enabled, send notifications directly to your device.

• Upload your invoice and we will negotiate for you. If we are unable to do this, no fee will be charged.

About Experian®
Experian was the first company and credit bureau in the United States to offer online credit reporting services. We enable consumers to manage and improve their financial well-being while preventing fraud and identity theft.

Privacy Policy: https://usa.experian.com/login/#/publicPrivacyPolicy
Terms and Conditions: https://usa.experian.com/login/#/publicTermsAndConditionsFree

*Credit ratings calculated based on the FICO® Score 8 model. Your lender or insurance company may use a FICO score instead of a FICO score of 8 or other types of overall credit scores. To learn more: https://www.experian.com

**Results may vary. Some people may not see improved results or approval ratings. Not all lenders use Experian credit files, nor do all lenders use scores that are affected by Experian Boost.

***Based on FICO® Score 8 model. Admission is not guaranteed. Some people may not see the savings from higher interest rates. Offer not available in all states. See experian.com for more information.

****Experian CreditLock is a service independent of Security Freeze:
https://www.experian.com/freeze/center.html. To learn more about the difference between CreditLock and Security Freeze, visit: https://www.experian.com/blogs/ask-experian/whats-the-difference-between-
Freeze or block my credit/

***** Act Negotiators – Results may vary. Some may not receive negotiated discounts or savings. Learn more: https://www.experian.com/consumer-products/bill-negotiator.com

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