The Battle Cats


★★★ Weirdly Cute Cats rampage across the world! ★★★
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PONOS Corporation
March 9, 2022
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★★★ Weird and cute cats are wreaking havoc all over the world! ★★★
Command your cat in a battle of space and time with simple controls! You can develop your own Cat Army without registration! Fight all cats! !

=Super simple combat system=
Just click on the cat you want to fight for you!
Fire cat cannons to shoot down bad guys who get too close to your base! Defeat strange enemies and destroy enemy bases with the right squad of cats!

=Super Simple Leveling System=
Complete stages to earn XP and items to level up cats! Where did they evolve at level 10? Can you unravel her true face?

= super easy fun! =
Collect glorious treasures while conquering the world!
Recruit dozens of rare and exotic cats(?) and create the ultimate cat army!
Hundreds of stages with three story mode adventures and legendary challenges.

Perfect for casual games! Fun for all ages, everyone (and their cats!) can enjoy Battle Cats!

What cat are you going to hit today? Bring the super cute army of war cats!

* “The Battle Cats” requires an internet connection for reliable access to game features.
* Downloading or updating Warcat requires a stable internet connection to avoid errors.
A large download notification will appear before installation.
If you are not in a location with a strong WiFi signal, please uncheck “Update over WiFi only (Android)” or turn on “Use Cellular Data” before downloading.
An unstable connection environment during downloads and/or updates may cause installation issues.
* The Battle Cats will be regularly updated with new and improved features. However, some older devices may not support these changes.
Please consider this before updating. If you have any questions, please contact our technical support at

Please read the “Terms of Use” carefully before you start playing.
By downloading and playing The Battle Cats, you agree to these terms.

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What's new

■ Zombie Outbreaks appear in Cats of the Cosmos Chapter 1!
※Appears after clearing Cosmos Ch. 1

■ Leaderships now available from Cat Shrine Fortune rewards.

■ New True Forms
3rd forms added for certain Cats

■ New Legends Map
Higher difficulties also added to existing maps

■ New User Rank Rewards
Gamatoto Max Level raised to 116
Colossal enemies added to Enemy Encyclopedia

■ Misc. Bug Fixes



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